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PO Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020
Beirut - Lebanon (More)
External Medical Affairs (EMA)

AUBMC is committed to the establishment of strategic partnerships and collaborations locally, regionally, and internationally.

In order to be the leading medical institution in Lebanon and the region, AUBMC will have to be the institution of choice for partnership and collaboration in the region. AUBMC’s commitment to capacity building, locally and regionally, is unmatched by any other institution in the Middle East. AUBMC brings the highest standards of clinical care, education, and research found in North American institutions with an understanding of the regional culture, language, and environment.

Over the past two years, these partnerships have offered AUBMC the opportunity to cater to its patients at various sites, to care for new patients at these hospitals, as well as to share complementary diagnostic services and equipment. Furthermore, these partnerships allow AUBMC to cater to patient populations that have limited access to AUBMC and are important for our training programs. To date, over 1,000 admissions have been made to these partnering hospitals.

The EMA mission is to provide customer-centered assistance to health institutions/schools, open new opportunities and markets to the Faculty of Medicine/AUBMC in the areas of medical service, education, and research, and supervise the exchange of experts in the fields of health and medical sciences.

In the mission of AUB, one reads "The American University of Beirut (AUB) is an institution of higher learning founded to provide excellence in education, to participate in the advancement of knowledge through research, and to serve the peoples of the Middle East and beyond". At EMA, we are committed to cater for our associates'/clients' needs in medical services, education, and research.

More information is avaliable on our website.

A list of our national, regional, and international associates / projects is available here.
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