Wassef and Souad Sawwaf Building

4 story building housing Family Medicine Clinics, UHS, PET/CT Unit, Cyclotron Unit
The Wassef and Souad Sawwaf Building is the new home of the University Health Services and Family Medicine clinics and a diagnostic unit that will be a major resource for patients who wish to benefit from the most advanced diagnostic tools for cancer, heart disease, and certain neurological conditions.
Located on Clemenceau Street, the new four-story facility will house a state-of-the-art PET/CT Unit with its high-tech diagnostic equipment are gifts by AUB alumnus, Mu’taz Sawwaf (B. Arch ’74), a philanthropist and leading construction developer in the region. It is named after his parents, Wassef and Souad Sawwaf.
Among the tools acquired by AUBMC for use in the building are a PET/CT scanner and a cyclotron. PET/CT is a non-invasive nuclear medicine procedure that can identify disease earlier and in higher definition than with other tools by visualizing both metabolic processes and structural abnormalities occurring in the body. The cyclotron, which is being acquired with the help of another donor, will allow AUBMC specialists to produce radiopharmaceuticals that can specifically target cancer cells or mental diseases, allowing physicians to better design treatment interventions.
Sawwaf and his wife Rada have been generous friends and champions of AUBMC. Touched by the lifesaving care and treatment of their newborn daughter, provided by AUBMC in 2010, they co-founded and support The Neonate Fund at AUBMC, a volunteer-led initiative that offers financial assistance to the parents of babies being treated at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. In addition, they established a neonatology research fund in the name of their daughter, Maymouna. Sawwaf has maintained a close relationship with his alma mater and has been a generous donor for many years.
In addition to his latest donations to AUBMC, Sawwaf has helped establish the Al Mu'allim Moh'd Awad Binladin Chair in Architecture in Islamic Societies and the Saudi Binladin Group Scholarship for students of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. Sawwaf is providing AUBMC with engineering advice for the AUBMC 2020 project, as he has significant experience in hospital construction in Saudi Arabia. Both he and his wife are helping the fundraising activities for AUBMC 2020.

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