AUBMC’s Naef K. Basile Cancer Institute receives generous donation from The Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation

Posted on 4/24/2015

The Naef K. Basile Cancer Institute (NKBCI) at AUBMC has received a benevolent donation of $135,000from the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation (LBCF) in a ceremony held at AUBMC on April 8, 2015. The donation is usedto cover treatment expenses of breast cancer patients treated at AUBMC’s Breast Center of Excellence at NKBCI.The LBCF has also been helping patients with installments and copaymentsfor health services received at AUBMC, and hasorganized several fundraising and awareness campaigns throughout the country. The ceremony was attended by members of AUBMC and LBCF leadership includingDeputy VP/Dean Dr. Ziyad Ghazzal, Chief of Staff and Director of the NKBCI and Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), Dr. Hassan El Solh, Dr. Nagi El Saghir, Director Breast Center of Excellence and President of the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation and Vice President of LBCF Mrs. Mirna Hoballah.

Breast cancer is a major health issue in Lebanon and the Middle East with a staggering 1,700 new cases diagnosed every year in Lebanon alone. The collaboration between LBCF and NKBCI has been leading the way in advancing cancer therapy with ground-breaking research, continuing medical education for physicians and health care providers, and raising awareness within the Lebanese community.

Professor Nagi El Saghir, MD, FACP indicated thatcure rates, based on the latest study recently published at AUBMC, have become very high in Lebanon; more than 90% of patients diagnosed with early stage breast cancer (Stage 1 and 2) are alive and well after five to 10 years.“Raising awareness about breast cancer in Lebanon, promoting screening and early detection, helps patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer go through the journey of diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy positively,” said Dr. Saghir. He acknowledged all donors, volunteers breast cancer survivors and friends for organizing awareness campaigns and fundraising events throughout Lebanon and in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Hassan El Solh, AUBMC chief of staff and director of the NKBCI and CCCL, who spoke on behalf of Dr. Mohamed H. Sayegh, the Raja N. Khuri Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the efforts exerted by the LBCF. Dr. Solh explained,“Such collaboration is a role model for other charity organizations to follow in a way that we, AUBMC and LBCF, work together as a team.” He added, “AUBMC will be expanding the diagnostic and therapeutic facilities and developing research programs for prevention and control of cancer in general, and including breast cancer, to establish Centers of Excellence, in line with the AUBMC 2020 Vision.”

On behalf of AUBMC, Dr. Solhthanked the LBCF for the donation acknowledging the work of all parties to deliver better care to patients with breast cancer.​

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