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AUBMC Mourns Two of its Dedicated Family Members - Shawki and Khodr, You Will Forever Live within Our Hearts

Posted on 11/13/2015

“Nothing equates the importance of such a fervent moment in which we hereby stand together to pay our condolences on behalf of AUB’s leadership, AUBMC’s executive team, the Syndicate, and the entire faculty and staff at AUBMC for the tragic loss of two of our cherished employees,” said Dr. Adnan Tahir, AUBMC Director, Chief Medical Officer.  The heartfelt words and the moment of silence that followed marked the grief and sorrow, which united all members of AUBMC family. “Today, I wanted us all to gather and console ourselves and our employees’ families for this loss; a loss that would best be remembered in our prayers,” he added.

In a well-known commercial and residential area in southern Beirut, a twin explosion came about to end the life of children, women, and ordinary people amongst which were two of AUBMC’s dedicated family members, Shawki Droubi and Khodr Alaa Deen.  The horrendous blast changed not only the destiny of two young men but that of their family members as well. Their tragic and unexpected death affected everyone who has known or worked with Shawki and Khodr.

Mr. Shawki Droubi who has meticulously and wholeheartedly served as a messenger in the general support unit since 1996 has been a cheerful and helpful employee who never failed to fulfill his duties to the utmost.  Forty one years old, Shawki was a father to four children who will definitely miss his presence in their future life.

Mr. Khodr Alaa Deen, 29 years old, joined AUBMC in 2014 as a registered nurse. He was always ready to help, work extra hours, give a hand to a needy colleague and serve unconditionally without expecting anything in return. He was known for being an active team player, devoted to delivering excellent patient care. Khodr was a father of a three year old daughter.

AUB’s leadership, AUBMC’s executive team, the Syndicate, and the entire faculty and staff at AUBMC extend their deepest condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims and condemn this senseless attack and its great cost in lives. Deeply touched by the blatant aggression, AUBMC renews its commitment to stand steadfast and determined to help the people of Lebanon and the region and to stay faithful to its mission in helping those in need.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with Khodr and Shawki’s families and friends and the ones killed and injured.
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