AUBMC to Establish the Pillar Genomics Institute of Precision Medicine

Posted on 2/16/2016

February 16, 2016--On Monday February 15, 2016, Mr. Youssef El-Zein (of Pillar Partners), President Fadlo Khuri, and EVP/ Dean Mohamed H. Sayegh signed a pledge agreement for the establishment of the Pillar Genomics Institute of Precision Medicine at AUBMC.  The agreement was signed in the presence of friends and family of Mr. Youssef El-Zein, Trustee David Bickers, Associate Deans, and members of the task force that worked on the Strategic Plan Development Study for the Genomics Institute.

Dr. Sayegh thanked Pillar Partners for their generous support.  He also thanked the taskforce that worked on the Strategic Plan Development Study for the Genomics Institute.  “Your support has shown your steadfast dedication to enhancing human health.  Your contribution will leave a long lasting mark on science and medicine and will allow AUBMC to accelerate attaining its goal of pursuing groundbreaking treatments and therapies for its patients and bring it closer to realizing its AUBMC 2020 Vision,” he added.
President Khuri also thanked the Pillars Partners and noted the importance of establishing such an institute. “This institute will revolutionize the way we treat disease, linking advanced research and next-generation sequencing in the laboratory to the patient's bedside. Using precision medicine will translate research breakthroughs into the most advanced therapies for patients,” said President Khuri. 

Representing Pillar Partners, Mr. Youssef El Zein praised the exceptional role AUBMC has played in transforming healthcare in Lebanon and the region. “AUBMC was the obvious choice due to its forefront roster of translational, cutting-edge scientists and commitment to the delivery of exceptional quality care, excellence in education and training and leadership in innovative research. We can think of no better investment that will make as big a difference in Lebanon and the region, and we know that together we can do great things for.”

Trustee Bickers expressed his gratitude to Pillar Partners and Mr. Youssef El-Zein, and thanked them for their commitment.  “The institute will further transform AUBMC to become a cutting-edge medical research hub that will explore the new frontier of precision medicine,” Dr. Bickers added.

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