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Pediatric Intensive Care
Dr. Marianne Majdalani, MD
Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit ​

D​r. Rana Sharara CHami, MD
Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine ​

Dr. Lama Charafeddine, MD
Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
lc12@a​​ ​

Dr. Nabil Mounla, MD
Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Dr. Khalid Yunis, MD
Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
kyunis@a​​ ​

Dr. Jana Assi, MD
Pediatric Critical Care/Extracorporeal Life Support

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and as a part of the Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine thrives to maintain a leadership role in consistently providing excellent, accessible and comprehensive health services to the children and adolescents of Lebanon and the region, while continuing and enhancing our tradition as a distinguished academic department.

The department thus attracts and retain the best professionals at all levels to provide superior and accessible pediatric and adolescent health care services and act as a referral center for the Middle East Region and work on the prevention and control of pediatric diseases at the national level. The department is considered the prime center for pediatric education and research in the region, therefore is able of establishing strategic partnerships and collaborations locally, regionally, and internationally.